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Pre-Trip Inspection

Ours lives have already been changed since starting the process of International Adoption almost two years ago, but the reality of traveling 8,800 miles and living in another country for a month is currently consuming all of our available brain matter.  After thousands of pieces of paper, background checks, and countless forms, we are just hours away from departing on the most exciting trip of our, to this point, meaningless lives.  Lessons of self-sacrifice, patience, and perseverance will spring up before we even touch down in Entebbe on Friday night. Whenever we think about how much we Love Zari Grace we become energized and optimistic of the road that lies ahead of us while staying in Uganda.

Our incompleteness as a family is quickly beginning to be filled.

But first we must PACK!

Carla has decided that she and Zari should have one outfit and pair of shoes for each of Alabama's National Championships. ROLL TIDE ROLL! That leaves me with the side pocket of a small backpack to stow away my clothes and toiletries!  Even better, we have been blessed so much by the generosity of our friends and family that we will be checking one suitcase in at the airport that is completely filled with children's clothing and toys that we will be donating to the orphanage on everyone's behalf! So many blessings and things to be grateful for. 

 Carla and Zari's Bags
Clint's Bag

In addition to the rolling clothing store that Carla is taking, we will also be opening up the Ugandan Branch of Jim Myers Drug.  Let no medical condition be ignored!  Knock on wood, we haven't had any ailments in the last three years, but we still feel it is necessary to carry every pill and ointment that we have in our medicine cabinet.  Doctor's without Borders would be jealous of the narcotics we'll have available.  Carla did remind me that we didn't ave any scabies medicine; so a special prayer against the silent killer SCABIES!

We are currently in the Birmingham airport waiting on the first leg of our flights to Entebbe.  We will travel from Birmingham to Atlanta to Amsterdam (don't eat the Brownies) to Entebbe. When we arrive in Entebbe, Uganda, we will travel by shuttle to the Airport View Hotel and get a good nights rest on Friday night.  Saturday will bring a smorgasbord of emotions as we are united with the orpahnage director and our baby girl.

We are very well rested and very calm and peaceful about the days that lie ahead. Your prayers are felt and extremely comforting; keep them coming.  We ask for continued prayers concerning the court's good favor, travel mercies, good health, immediate bonding with Zari, and the prosperity of the orphanage.  We appreciate everyone that has supported us over the last two years and will do our best to keep you updated every few days. Continue to check the blog for updates.

In His Hands,

Two Very Lost Parents


  1. My heart overflows with joy and my face immediately smiles and my eyes pour tears of pure bliss! Clint, you did an awesome job with this post. you three have our prayers--- it is our pleasure to partner with you as a family. we love you and can't wait to meet our new niece! Love, A & J-L

  2. Clint it's so exciting for us to be able to follow you and Carla on your journey! We will and have been praying for you both, that God will supply all you needs, keep you safe and that you, Carla and sweet Zari(love her name) will have a bonding that will amaze and bless you in every way possible. Love, Elaine

  3. So glad you are blogging this amazing journey! Prayers for all three of you, cannot wait to meet sweet Zari! Love y'all!

  4. I am so excited about this. What great parents you will be. I am overwhelmed with emotion as I read this... In awe of two people so dear to my heart... Participating in something so dear to my heart. You both will be blessed!

  5. Love y'all!! So proud of you both!! Zari is so blessed!! Prayers lifted!! I'm so pumped about this blog!

  6. Love it, Clint! Praying for y'all. Love y'all!

  7. I am so excited to join you in prayer on this incredible journey! Blessings to your growing family.


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